• Infection Control

    Infection Control: One Health Consulting, LLC’s infection prevention and control services provide a mechanism to redu...

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  • Disaster Planning

    Disaster Planning: An integral part of any preventive plan is a disaster management and recovery protocol to reduce int...

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  • Outbreak Investigation

    Outbreak Investigation: Infectious disease outbreaks can occur with little warning, even with appropriate protocols and...

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About the Company

One Health Consulting, LLC provides the highest standard of customizable consulting and education for veterinary practices and animal related businesses, including equine facilities.

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Services on simply Resoures content

One Health Consulting, LLC was founded to fill a need for resources and services in infection control, disaster preparedness, and outbreak investigation within the veterinary community, equine farms, expos, petting zoos and all other types of farms and animal-human environments

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Latest Events

  • Outbreak Tracker (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

    Zika Virus Disease Outbreak (January 2016 – present)

    Alert for Bahamas and Palau (Announced November 2016)

  • The 5th International One Health Congress 2018

    Special attention will go to antimicrobial resistance, translational science, and recent advances in the fields of zoonoses and emerging infectious diseases. For more information: 

  • American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine

    Webinar Series: “Predicting & Mapping Vector-borne Diseases” presented by Dwight Bowman and Robert Lund.


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